Responsibility is not my strong suit... Or making decisions.... I want it all
  1. Responsible things
    I guess I could pay off credit cards
  2. Ooorrrrrr this
    I'm obsessed with this hair and my dark hair does not dye well so it will not be cheap 😬
  3. Or these extensions
    Because if I pay a lot for new pretty hair I should pay a lot for more of it
  4. Or a new tanning package
    Because I need to look like this again
  5. Or nails because mine are f*cked
    The ladies at my work are all perfect and I need to pretend better
  6. Or a payment on this
    It's sooooo pretttyyyy
  7. Or pretty clothes for my big kid job
  8. Or new shoes/boots for my big kid job
  9. Or an iv of Starbucks for my big kid job
  10. Or a crappy apartment in a town I don't want to stay in