1. No one is home to lose at clue to me
    We had two separate game nights with my future siblings and my future aunt and uncle. All of whom I love to death. I had sooo much fun both nights I was fine with staying up past my old lady bed time.
  2. I have to wait until 4 to goof around with Tyler
    I was with my family for a few days and he was really happy to have me home which meant everything was magically adorable even him dumping me off the couch for my dogs to attack me with love.
  3. I have to get back to work
    Unfortunately responsibility calls
  4. I have sooo much laundry and cleaning to do
    Everything falls apart without me and I'm not that sad about it. I like being an essential part of this household.
  5. The weather is complete crap
    I really wanted to go for a run today. Wait, let me clarify, I really wanted to go for a run to stock up on pokeballs today.
  6. It's time to really dive into those New Years resolutions/goals
    Time to commit