1. You're hiding the new blankets in the guest room so your dog doesn't eat them
    No shame. I had to hold on to their perfect softness for at least the first week. The second week I forgot them and she bit a hole in one.
  2. You wake up to the to do list: get up cause Mia is grumbling, let dogs out, feed dogs, shower dogs with love before getting ready for work, forget your lunch because you spent all your time on the dogs.
  3. Pick an outfit to cover the bruises/scrapes all over your legs because your dogs can't contain themselves when you get home from literally anywhere.
    They even do it when I go to pick up their poop. That can't be more than like 3 minutes?!
  4. Day dream about working from home so you can spend more time with your dogs.
    I feel so bad they are home alone so much. On bad days I spend the whole day just wanting to go home and cuddle with my fur babies.