1. You cry when thinking about moving away from your parents
    Sarah you're almost 23 get it together
  2. You wonder if you can force them into Emily Gilmore dinners via skype
    How many people can be added to a skype call?
  3. You wonder how many times a month your BF will be willing to make the 2 hour drive to take you to them
    Thank god he has friends here so he can leave me at their house and go have fun
  4. You wonder how often you can be on the phone/skype with them without making your BF mad
    Hi I know you're here in person but I have separation anxiety love me anyway
  5. You wonder if it's weird to make them use snapchat regularly?
    I don't know how to stress this I'm used to seeing their faces at least once a week
  6. You are actually real life depressed about losing your Friday morning coffee with mom
    This is one of my favorite things. I'm going to make her do it over skype. I'm serious.
  7. You wish they would be closer because you just got the Disney movie club and no one will Disney with you quite like your mom
    I mean my siblings would but they're even farther away. My mom is so committed to Disney we frequently break into song and occasional dance. In public.
  8. You are already planning on sending letters/care packages regularly
    WV down to Tennessee (technically from Ohio to WV and Tennessee)
  9. You are packing a photo box full of old photos for when you're homesick all the time
    I asked them for this and they didn't even make fun of me. Hi I'm a giant 22 year old baby.