1. Brown Boys who fetish white girls
    They like white girls because of a colonial inferior complex deep down.
  2. Business Major Boys
    They dream about being an entrepreneur or wall street. Shallow men who are insecure about their masculinity and feel like money is power.
  3. The deep Artistic boy
    They, the artists, think the world is against them and are self absorbed. Hot at first but naw girl you can do better
  4. Boys who don't like talking about Politics
    They probably voted for Trump.
  5. Boys who can't handle your menstrual cycle
    Immature misogynist alert who hasn't grown up.
  6. Homebody Boys
    Where's the adventure? One can only handle so much Netflix and chill.
  7. Social Media Crazed Boys
    Narcissistic, vain, and care way too much about how they appear to the world.