The title sounds a lot fancier than these points will.
  1. Monogamy is shit
    Be a slut! Don't limit yourself even when you're 35! Your body is a temple and respect it and everything but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve to be pleasured. Don't worry about finding your soul mate and get some serotonin in bed.
  2. No such thing as a "one true love"
    Romanticism is pure bull shit, an oversaturated topic implanted by the media. If we never had Fabio novels and Disney princesses finding their prince our world would be a lot different and probably for the better. If girls weren't raised to be surrounded by lust and romance, we'd probably have cancer cured by now. Needing romance in your life is needing something unnecessary and terrible a distraction.
  3. Friends are forever.
    Boyfriends are not. Put priorities over friends and family. Rather go paragliding or rock climbing with my friends then an ask first date dinner and movie situation any day.
  4. Who thought it was a good idea to show Vulnerability to someone??
    You just get your heart broken and become a mess. When you allow yourself to open up to someone in a romantic way, you have all these expectations and when they aren't matched, your heart gets broken and slows you down in life.
  5. Independence in the World
    YOU ONLY YOU can determine if you're happy or content in the world, no one else. You don't need anyone to make you happy. Don't have your happiness be dependent on a lover. BUT don't get confused, you still need social interactions.. that's where the simpler and sincere friends come to place.
  6. Why compromise?
    Marriage is about compromising your whole life. It's one thing to compromise a Friday night but another to compromise your career, which happens way too often!
  7. You can still have some mini you's.
    I love kids and I want them when I'm older. But I firmly believe I don't need a husband for me to be a good mother to them. By the way, yah I can always do the whole surrogate or buy sperm thing but I plan to adopt because it's just more humane! (Y'all should think about it as well)