Caution: I might sound bitter and annoyed.. but, come on people… y'know some of these are true.
  1. Billionaires
    Who in the world needs a billion dollars!? I just need a few dozen million and I'm good. (If I was witty enough, I'd add a Donald Trump antic here but sadly, I'm not.)
  2. Uggs
    Ugly. That's all. So many more ways to get comfort you lazy ass, and those ways don't require you to waste your money.
  3. Diners
    Sometimes I feel like the whole American themed diner is just way too overplayed. And when I go to one, it just reminds me of the obesity we are trying to fight in our phat ass nation? I don't mean to sound cold but no one needs that much grease to start their day. Plus, many diners don't have quality food. Let's just go to Main Street Bagels okay? Oh, you weren't inviting me... awks.
  4. Monochromatic Clothing
    No you don't look badass with only wearing black. You look boring. And you don't look chic wearing all white... okay maybe you do. But you won't be laughing when you spill coffee all over it. Wear some red chinos for once and add some color into this world.
  5. Makeup Tutorials on YouTube
    Boo thing, if you're going to do one... add some spice and flare to it. God damn, so many of you basics part take in this and I don't get it! Yah, you might say I don't get it because makeup isn't really my forte BUT even looking at a makeup gurus POV, there's no need for thousands of them on the tube. Do something better with your makeup talent and creativity!
  6. Fangirling over White Boys
    I've encountered some of them to be uncultured Lima Beans Smh.
  7. Forever 21
    CHEAP ASS CLOTHING. When most people wear it they look sloppy af. It's so popular now, someone probably has the same shirt as you in a two mile radius. (Unless you're like in Wyoming or something... and not in Yellowstone park.)