Life-changing moments in the life of Sara Bray (that are a lot more embarrassing to see written out than I anticipated).
  1. Approximately and exactly are in fact NOT synonyms
    Took me APPROXIMATELY 13 year to realize EXACTLY what was different between these two words.
  2. Not all cars have back widow wipers
    Feeling #blessed for my Subaru's ability to provide me a clear back view at the touch of a button
  3. Christmas in Australia
    Realizing that Let it Snow and Winter Wonderland probably aren't sung down under was nearly too much to process
  4. Cranberry sauce is just that. A sauce.
    I love cranberry sauce. And up until this Thanksgiving, it was one of my favorite turkey day side dishes. This was until @olivharr pointed out that I had been ignoring a crucial part of cranberry sauce's name for the past 21 years. Regardless, I'm still planning on putting it next to my turkey and not on it for many more Thanksgivings to come. Old habits die hard ya know.