Because I've been a tad stressed lately
  1. My family and friends' truly unconditional love and support
    My WONDERFUL boyfriend reminded me yesterday how he is "always admires how loved I am" by those closest to me. This was a touching reminder of how amazing the people in my life are and how lost I would be without them.
  2. Da Boyfriend
    Falls in the above category, but definitely deserves some special recognition. He's truly the sweetest, goofiest, most loving guy and I am so thankful for him.
  3. Health
    My own, my family's, my friends', my pets'. I'm so thankful for a functioning body and mind, and that my loved ones are more or less in good health as well.
  4. My pups
    My 3 and 8 year old lab puppies are the light of my goddamn life.
  5. A warm home for the holidays
    Filled with people I love, more than enough nourishing food, heating, warm water, in a safe neighborhood, etc.
  6. Opportunities
    Endless chances to do what makes me happy in my life paired with constant support and advice.
  7. Spokane
    Nothing like some hometown appreciation. Beautiful scenery, weather (aka SNOW) and memories of growing up.
  8. Education
    Although my path is a little up in the air, I'm getting the chance to pursue what I love and keep learning as long as I can.