Not the groom.
  1. My hair.
    Forgot the lesson I learned I figured out before Senior Prom... my hair looks approximately 472682 times better pulled back and not parted due to my large forehead. Also, should've done a test run to learn I wouldn't like my hair beforehand.
  2. No groomsmen.
    They wore khakis? And purple ties were purchased from Banana Republic like two days before? I thought we needed them for pictures. They added nothing to any of the pictures.
  3. Mani and pedi.
    I painted my nails and toes lilac in my childhood bathroom at 12:30 AM the day of my wedding. I had assumed my sisters or mom would take me to get my nails done. And when they didn't I didn't want to splurge on a mani and pedi... for my wedding.
  4. Husband's tie.
    We had purchased a black classic tie but for some reason he ended up wearing one that looked like my dad should've been wearing it?
  5. Taken bridals before.
    The entire day felt like we were forced taking photos. Including an hour chunk before our reception. I was done. You can tell in the photos. Should've taken bridals beforehand. Also... this would have let me do a trial hair run.
  6. Pack all the food to-go.
    Our reception was catered by a food truck. There were sliders and baked beans and coleslaw and it was all delicious. And I didn't get to eat it. My sister packed me the most thoughtful gift ever, a cooler full of food. It had all my favorite childhood snacks. She intended to pack us dinner but the guests ate it all. So the at 4 in the morning after our wedding I scarfed down an entire bag of Original Goldfish out of starvation.