For years, I've been singing the praises of Wunderlist to anyone who will listen. I've even attempted to institutionalize it amongst various working groups. Now, as I'm starting to develop a proclivity for this new List App, I feel it's only right to honor my first love by digging out some early (and forgotten) WL entries.
  1. "if something weird happened in 1998, it might have something to do with an error in the 'correcting'" (Must be a note to my future self about some potential coding error?)
  2. "Architecture tour walking sf downtown" (Oh yeah. Any takers? This sounds great)
  3. "Methylmalonic acid" (No idea)
  4. "Rock box Diane" (from the long and forgotten list of gift ideas for people I love)
  5. "Lukas's 6 part novel" (Pleasure Reading list)
  6. "SOAP CHARTING!!!" (Seems like I was really excited about this as a potential empirical site. Maybe I'd had a few cocktails? Or maybe I was just all doped up on fieldwork and full of *crazy*ideas)
  7. "Jonathan's guy" (Ah yes. Jonathan's guy. That one rich dude I heard about in 2012 who was looking to find social science research on health care. I love remembering how simple I thought it would be to find someone who would pay me to write my dissertation...)
  8. "himalayas" (Top of my Travel Ideas list. Still)