I would like to say I've been really focused on this upcoming exam, however judging by the fact that I'm currently writing this list instead of studying says a lot
  1. Stop Feeling So Guilty About Not Studying
    Finally I will be free to procrastinate and just generally do nothing without the weight of my academic career on my shoulders
  2. Paint My Nails
    Whenever I am focusing on my school work these little things tend to fall though the cracks
  3. Take a Bath
    I haven't had one in ages (I have showered though, I'm not an animal) all I want is a face mask and maybe a bath bomb is that too much to ask??
  4. Watch Angela's Ashes??
    I have a strange urge to watch this movie, which is understandable because it is excellent, just a little random and slightly morbid
  5. Take Walks Whenever The Hell I Want
    No more revising keeping me indoors, however knowing the Cape Breton weather as soon as I'm able to go out it will immediately start raining for approx 2 weeks
  6. Go Through My Books
    I have a ton of books from my old room in storage that I want to fill my book shelves with
  7. Drink
    Alcohol preferably
  8. Read Literally Anything That Doesn't Have Anything To Do With Personality Psychology