How to be the mom of your friend group

Because every group needs one
  1. ALWAYS have snacks
    Most important part of any activity is snacks because someone is gonna get hungry and might be a little crabby. Remember to keep in mind any allergies
  2. Bring everything in your bag "just in case"
    You never know when someone is going to need something, so it's just better to keep everything on you at all times. Some must haves are gum, hair ties, safety pins, tissues, hand sanitizer, extra pens, quarters, paper, and basically everything.
  3. Lots of encouragement
    A good mom is awesome at encouragement. People just need that extra lil boost, and it's the moms job to be their personal cheerleader.
  4. Drive them around
    Extra points if you have a minivan. Sometimes you have to take them to the store, or practice, to get food or just when they are fussy. If they need a ride home, give them one. Always wear seat belts!!
  5. Refer to them as "your babies" or "kids"
    Even if they are older than you. You take care of them like they are your own children.
  6. Remind them to do things
    Remind them to drink their milk, take their medication, do their homework, get enough sleep. Sometimes you need to be more naggy then other times, but it's important to say it with love.
  7. Hugs and smiles
    All people need is a genuine smile or hug on a bad day.
  8. Embarrass them every once in a while
    You have to be the cool mom!! The best way to do this is to do something trying to be cool, but epically failing at it. Maybe that means talking to someone you shouldn't, or my personal favorite, dancing awkwardly. You can have fun too!
  9. Worry about them all the time
    You can't help it, you always worry about them. To ease this worry, make sure they text you that they are safe or just check in every once in a while. Even after they do this, you still worry. Probably getting grey hair before the age of 25
  10. Give little gifts
    Give little gifts every once in a while. Not too often, so they are greedy, but just to show that you are proud.
  11. Drop everything for them
    As a mom, you would do anything for them. So make sure that you are willing to sacrifice it all if they need you. Because as a mom, it's your job to help them with whatever, whenever they need it.
  12. Love them
    Pour love on them. All the time. Tell them you appreciate them. And they are going to get annoyed. They are going to say "yeah we know". But one day you may not be around to say it all the time, and they will know that you still love them. No matter what.