The good, the bad, & the ugly
  1. Douche bags
    flexing, pics with girls, shirtless, bios about "only hotties"
  2. Wanna be douche bags
    shirtless but awkward, serious bathroom selfies, pic with mom
  3. Guys with a kid
    maybe 1/2 pictures has a child that is clearly his...shows he is dedicated but still likes to have fun
  4. Guys with photos of them with a kid
    "not my kid"
  5. Ravers
    live for the music bro
  6. Dog lovers
    I love dogs too but what does your face look like
  7. Youngins
    definitely too young for tinder
  8. Oldies
    definitely too old for tonder
  9. Your friends
    that awkward moment when you find the people you know...super like or swipe left???
  10. People you go to school with
    history last semester, biology this semester..awk
  11. People you went to school with
    probably remember each other from way back when but neither of you acknowledge it
  12. Bodybuilders
    probably shirtless
  13. Drug dealers
    something in their bio about having a good time with a little help
  14. Cuddlers
    starts out innocent with cuddling and takes a sharp turn towards creepy
  15. Nice boys