1. •
    Get in shape
    Not just to lose weight but to be healthier and stronger
  2. •
    Eat healthier
    Same idea as goal above. Also, eat fruits/veggies w every meal
  3. •
    Get rid of PICC
    It's a central IV line that I have to use to keep hydrated...I gotta start drinking LOTS more water!
  4. •
    Wear retainers
    Often enough so my teeth don't KILL any time I actually wear them (this has been a goal since getting my braces off in like 1999)😁 also...whiten teeth again!
  5. •
    Walk dogs once a day
    A real walk not just around the block. They do give me unconditional love is 1 walk a day that much to ask for?!🐾
  6. •
    Get on normal sleep schedule
    No staying up till 4 and sleeping till noon💤
  7. •
    Read more books
    Which also implies watch less tv!
  8. •
    Re-learn piano
    Used to be pretty good but haven't done it in so long...I loved it and there's no reason not to!
  9. •
    Volunteer more
    I'm not working so I should do a whole lot more w my time. Plus it feels good to give back!
  10. •
    Re-apply to PA school
    Which involves taking 1 last class (ugh scary biochem!) and most likely the GREs
  11. •
    Cook dinner each weeknight
    Make my husband happy and that makes me happy!
  12. •
    Keep apartment cleaner/neater/more organized
    Not sure why this is so hard for me. Note: I am not dirty just messy
  13. •
    Keep up with any one of the things on this list!😜