1. I hate Carrie
    She is so selfish, ridiculous and annoying! Prob the only show I love where I can't stand the main character! And how can anyone like her after she cheated on Aiden?!
  2. Alexander Petrovsky is just plain unlikable
    What is this guy bringing to the table other than money? Hello grandpa!👴🏼
  3. Miranda is the best one
    No one wants to admit is but she's the most realistic and straight up. The first few seasons she dresses and looks like a total lesbian (nothing wrong w that but she's not supposed to be) And I love her and Steve!
  4. They should have just stopped when the series ended
    The movies are SO bad! We all knew they would be but come on! I just pretend they never occurred.
  5. It has good re-watch value after all these years!
    Still entertaining, still quotable
  6. The NYC tour is so much fun!
    This doesn't really go with this list but any true fan will love it! You get to take pics on Carrie's stoop and have Cosmos at Steve and Aiden's bar!
  7. I love Magda!