How To: Italian Wedding

My cousin (Elisabetta) is getting married today 👰 This is what an Italian wedding looks like.
  1. You are invited!
  2. It's wedding day! My whole family is gathering together at the bride's house at 10am
    When I say "whole" in this case is something like 100 people (uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, ...)
  3. 10:15am, you are probably already drinking wine
    Having an "aperitivo"
  4. 11:00am - it's church time.
    My cousin and my uncle
    1 hour and a half.
  6. 1pm - on the road to the restaurant
    By now you are at your 4th glass of wine and dreaming about food
  7. The restaurant
  9. 3pm - we're having food!
  10. For some reasons there's a Red telephone box
  11. 4:45pm - It's dinner time!
    No. Of glasses of wine: 🤷🏻‍♀️ who even knows
  12. 2 pages of food
  13. Family shenanigans
  14. CAKE
  15. When nature is by your side on your wedding day and gives you a rainbow
  16. Fireworks? Why not!
  17. 10:30pm - Open bar and candy bar
    By now you're sipping mojito with your 86 years old grandfather
  18. 11:00pm - driving back to your uncle's house for another round of celebration 🎉
    More food and more wine!
  19. 3:00am - We made it home