On Monday 15th May I've started my new job at Deezer UK as Social Media Content Producer
  1. Now I have my OWN BIG desk
    Where I was working before 6 of us used to share a table
  2. They gave me my personal laptop and mobile phone
    Before I was using my PERSONAL laptop and PERSONAL mobile phone/number. Bad. bad. Bad.
  3. My boss let me go to meeting alone
    My previous boss used to NOT let me go to meeting alone and most of the time she didn't let me go to meetings AT ALL
  4. We have a yellow meeting room
    Everything is yellow. Walls too.
  5. We have a blue meeting room
  6. I'm going to The Great Escape on Thursday
    Because FY!
  7. I'm going to meet the team in Paris in the next weeks
    Because double FY!
  8. Full accessorised kitchen
    With a Nespresso machine
  9. I also have a 32'' screen if I want to use it
  10. People are so freaking nice
  11. I have a Deezer Premium+ account (for free)
  12. They gave me personal headphones AS A GIFT
  13. It's my first week and they're already sending me to The Great Escape Festival
  14. Unfortunately I have to say that Deezer K-Pop catalogue is not that great
  15. 3 weeks in and my boss is going on holiday
    What am I going to do? (Screams internally)