Show Me The Money 6

All things Show Me The Money 6 (SMTM; 쇼미더머니)
  1. PSA: This is not a Jerry Maguire list.
  2. A 'Get To Know' Show Me The Money to let you understand what I'm listing about
  3. SMTM is a South Korean rap competition TV show that hairs on Mnet.
  4. The format consist of contestants going head to head in a series of spit fire rap challenges until only one rapper remains.
  5. There are rookies and famous rappers, with the latest being the "producers", this means they are both mentors and judges.
    Past "Producers": Verbal Jint, MC Sniper, Tablo, Loco, Jay Park, Zico, Kush, Zion.T, Gray, Dok2
  6. Here's the past 5 seasons' winners
  7. Loco - SMTM 1 Winner
  8. Soul Dive - SMTM 2
  9. BOBBY 바비- SMTM 3 Winner (BOBBY is also member of the band iKon)
  10. Basick- SMTM 4
  11. BeWhy - SMTM 5 Winner
  12. SMTM 6 is scheduled to start in May or June
    At this point looks more it will start in June
  13. There producer teams have been confirmed
  14. Zico & DEAN
  15. Choiza & Gaeko of Dynamic Duo
  16. Tiger JK & Bizzy
  17. Dok2 & Jay Park
  18. The program landed in New York and Los Angels for auditions
  19. SMTM 6 has over 12,000 people interested in auditioning for the show
    9,000 for SMTM 5
  20. Mnet released the producer cypher on the 19th May
    AND IT'S LIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  21. Watch it here👇
  22. 쇼미더머니6 1회 (Show Me The Money 6 Episode 1) 〜 June 30 〜
    FYI when producers are giving a necklace to a rapper means they pass to the next round
  23. 쇼미더머니6 2회 (Show Me The Money 6 Episode 2) 〜 July 7 〜
  24. 쇼미더머니6 3회 (Show Me The Money 6 Episode 3) ~ July 14 ~
  25. 쇼미더머니6 4회 (Show Me The Money Episode 4) ~ 21st July ~