1. Fake it until you make it
  2. Teenagers think they don't own their future
  3. Numbers in Korean
  4. To work on two screens
    It took me a while but AMAZING
  5. I really don't care about some new music releases
    I acknowledge them but I don't listen to them
  6. When my flatmate says "Can we have some friends & tea time?" Means that she's going to rant about something for the next couple of days
  7. I have the Impostor syndrome
  8. Slow down, life is not a race
  9. Everything you say matters
  10. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness."
  11. People get really surprised when I say "I like (that person)"
  12. I get anxious when my flatmate asks me "Are you ok?" every 20 minutes if we're at home together
    After I've acknowledge that I'm ok
  13. June's full moon messed up my feelings
  14. When I feel that certain conversations with my mum are slowly turning into arguments just say bye and hung the call
    Learned this now that I'm almost 30
  15. You're allowed to make mistakes, even in your job. No one is perfect.
  16. Static
  17. Sometimes you have to shut up about your personal projects. No matter how excited about them you are.
  18. Just say no
  19. "Too old for this"