1. Post Bank Holiday Tuesday
    Enough said
  2. Spent 30 minutes on Bumble, using my flatmate's profile
    I will never do that again. NEVER
  3. Flight delayed.
    2:15 hours delay ffs
  4. Bouncy castles
  5. Static
  6. THAT annoying colleague
  7. What was my life before Olaplex?
  8. It's only Tuesday
  9. Made a PERFECT sunny side up egg
  10. "GUEST"
    Nike Inc. c/o Virgil Abloh™
  11. It's 4pm and I've cleared my to do list at work. Is it ok if I read fan fictions to kill the time?
  12. IT
    A bit disappointed
  13. Watched RuPaul Drag Race for the first time
  14. "It's not even 5pm?!"
    Me at 2pm
  15. iOS 11 killed one of my Lists
    Bye albums behind the lock screen
  16. Static
  17. Static
    Only for the packaging
  18. Static
    Only for the packaging - part II
  19. Static
    G-Dragon Concert
  20. Li.st I miss you already 💔