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  1. The Gang Goes Jihad
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    "Do you think we could make this look more like a cave?"
  2. Chardee MacDennis
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    "Dennis is asshole. Why Charlie hate" "Because Dennis is a bastard man"
  3. The Gang Gets Trapped
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    “Dee, you gangly uncoordinated bitch, I am not going to get hog-tied because of your lack of grace”
  4. Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens
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    "Finally there's an elegant, comfortable mitten for cats!"
  5. The Great Recession
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    "We're crab people now"
  6. The Nightman Cometh
    Charlie wrote a musical! This might be the hardest I've laughed in any episode of TV ever.
    Suggested by @carolineschwartz
  7. Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats
    My number one. Charlie at his highest and lowest, and one of the few times Dee and Dennis have been genuinely nice. Plus the spaghetti in the movie theater
    Suggested by @J
  8. The Gang Wrestles For The Troops
    Da Maniac is the best one-off character in Always Sunny history. "That's a bucket of chestnuts!"
    Suggested by @J