The Eurovision Song Contest is happening RIGHT NOW. Here's what you need to know:
  1. It is a song competition amongst European countries, only some qualify though (27 this year).
  2. A lot of the countries that compete aren't even European (eg. Israel, Georgia, Australia).
  3. ALL of the songs are shit. Even the winning song would not crack the top 100 in any Western country.
  4. People from the competing countries can vote, and they vote in blocs. (Eastern European countries all vote for each other, Mediterranean for each other, Commonwealth for each other).
  5. The songs get real political. For example, Armenia had a song about Turkey denying their genocide (originally called "Don't Deny" but had to be changed to "Face the Shadow")
  6. For Western countries, Eurovision is a hilarious freak show that is just a funny thing to watch each year. For Eastern countries, it is a genuine opportunity to bring forward the best music that country has to offer.
  7. All countries can vote, even if you don't qualify for he televised final competition.
  8. It's incredible