1. Going off projected scores
    More often than not, projected scores are bullshit. Being a rankings bitch is pretty bad, but go by the rankings if you genuinely have no clue who to play because projected will get you with a losing team most of the time.
  2. Listening to everything Matthew Berry says
    Fantasy Focus podcast host Matthew Berry has made a name for himself for a reason. He's an excellent analyst and makes pretty good predictions on the whole about waiver picks and sleepers, and generally makes good calls on what random players you should hang on to. But, despite these strong recommendations, his rankings lists are poor and he tends to make bad decisions among the big players.
  3. Ignoring the waiver wire
    The team you draft should not be the team you end the season with. Don't be scared to drop beloved players if by week 4 or 5 they're still not doing it for you. If they start to get good again, you can always pick them back up off the waiver wire, but the case will probably be that you've moved on to someone more consistent, or generally just better.
  4. Failing to look at what team your player is playing
    This is especially important for practically everyone on your team. Check how good other team's defenses are ON THE REG or else your stellar quarterback could be hit by a bad week that could have been avoided.
  5. Caring about your kicker
    Seriously. Unless you have the best one in the league and he's scoring you close to 20 points a game (ahem, Stephen Gostkowski), then please stop giving a fuck about your kicker. Drop and replace without hesitation.