Dan and I never see each other anymore because of the Atlantic Ocean so here are the memories that keep me going. 5-7 especially.
  1. OCC sports
    In our town all of the kids go to one of two elementary schools then filter into the same building for junior high and high school. Dan and I went to different schools at first so we didn't really know each other. But I do remember seeing you at some Oakwood Community Center sports events (for kids) and you had a bowl cut and I thought you were intimidating. (Spoiler alert, I was right).
  2. 6th grade picnic
    Our first official meeting. All of the 6th graders from both schools join together for an "end of 6th grade" picnic to celebrate needing elementary school. You stopped Jack Chambers from doing his "jig" which was him jumping in the air whilst kicking me. 💕
  3. My mom informing me that you asked her to rank kids from other schools based on the quality of their outfits
    My mom helped coach speech and debate because she did it in college and when Dan's mean friend Melanie graduated, he had no one to mock the outfit choices of his competitors with. For some reason he chose my mother, Maureen, and this was a hilarious albeit unsurprising thing to hear from her on the drive home.
  4. Crying on the bus back from our last competition senior year 😪😪😪
    This is probably the most cliche thing I've ever written, but it was really nice and emosh and a big moment in the move towards adulthood.
  5. Becoming cyber friends
    Even though we were definitely friends in HS, we weren't that close and never hung out that consistently. Dan hating OSU for his first semester and reaching out was actually such a gift for me.
  6. NYE 2012 ➡️ 2013
    We ditched the awful party with horrible drunk teenagers in someone's basement in Dayton, OH and drank Barefoot Pinot Grigio in my living room til 5am. And I'm pretty sure we watched Pitch Perfect before. This was a good night.
  7. Visiting me in June
    Dan went to India and came home via Dublin and Edinburgh to see my mom and me before going back to Dayton. I was going through a devastating break-up and getting to hang out and talk irl helped a lot. Plus it was really cool for me to get to show someone from home my new turf in Edi.