March 25th marks the celebration of Greek independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1821. In honour, here are some things from my half-Greek upbringing:
  1. Greek dancing
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    My church had a massive Greek festival every September growing up, and @tia and I danced in all but one of them. This is us as youths before one performance in costumes our grandmother sewed.
  2. Greek Easter
    Greek people go fucking crazy for Easter, and despite living in suburban Ohio, my dad and grandparents had a decent number of other Greek expats to celebrate with. Every year includes cooking a lamb on a spit in the back yard, Greek dancing, and cracking hard boiled eggs together in a game that resembles Christ breaking free from the tomb in his resurrection.
  3. My grandparents house
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    This place was decked out in loads of Greek memorabilia, Christian icons, everything covered in sheets of plastic for preservation, and, of course, a wall-sized tapestry of Jesus Christ in their dining room (his picture isn't even that tapestry, it's just another Jesus tapestry).
  4. New Year's bread making
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    This is actually a great tradition with Greeks. You bake bread for New Year's Day that has one coin hidden somewhere in it. Then, in the morning of January 1st, you cut the bread for each person in the family/at the event and whoever's slice has the coin has good luck all year!
  5. Our house in Greece
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    Where my dad and grandparents lived before getting on a boat (yes, literally a boat) to come to the U.S. The village is called Velo, a beachside village two hours west of Athens right before you hit Corinth.