An idea from a friend of a friend, Ladies Supporting Ladies is a bi-monthly event where you gather the great women in your life, whether they know each other or not, and eat, drink, and talk about what's weighing you down.
  1. Candles
    Anthropologie's volcano is recommended, anything normally associated with coziness is also acceptable.
  2. Fairy lights
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    This evening is all about trying to relax and de-stress, so soft lighting, such as fairy lighting, is ideal.
  3. Killer playlist
    Obviously jams by women. Avoid music that might be too OTT, eg play Nicki's Crying Game vs Anaconda.
  4. Nice, healthy food
    Again, this is all about being able to chill out. Lovely, guilt free food is the best way to pig out without feeling bad about it later (and it helps to be good to your body too)
  5. Cake
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    ...but you should indulge a little. My local cake shop was very nice to let me pick up ten different pieces of cake incredibly last minute.
  6. Pillows, blankets, etc.
    The vibe should be grown ass slumber party. Things should be soft and comfy.
  7. Judgments left at the door
    This only works if you quiet your inner voice. That doesn't just mean stop judging others for their problems, but stop beating yourself up if you think your problems are silly. They aren't, and people will be glad to hear you open up.