Edinburgh University gives us a week off from class in Feb every year for innovative learning; a week of shitty workshops + lectures that are entirely optional. Here's what I did instead (ft. @Naomi):
  1. Friday, Feb 13: Learned to play Settlers of Catan
    My (quite intense) flatmate organised a game at our flat and I decided to partake. This game is actually fun so get educated, haters
  2. Saturday, Feb 14: Valentine's Day brunch with @Naomi
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    My brunch was DAMN GOOD but I think Naomi beat me with her choice of this fine French toast
  3. Sunday, Feb 15: Greek food and good red wine with my mom and @Naomi
    My mom moved to Dublin as of my 2013 so I now get to see her frequently instead of once every 5 months, which is nice. My dad is Greek so she learned all the good stuff, some of which we made on Sunday upon her arrival.
  4. Sunday, Feb 15-Tuesday Feb 17: Excellent breakfasts with my mom
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    Peter's Yard is my favourite coffee shop on earth. Scandi food anyone could love (most cannot afford) and a tea list for days. On this particular breakfast decision, we should have gone for the savoury (included cured meats) versus the sweet (just an extra pot of jam).
  5. Wednesday, Feb 18: Homemade French toast courtesy of @Naomi
    I had a rough day and Naomi made me lovely breakfast-for-dinner, inspired by our v-day brunch ❤️😍
  6. Thursday, Feb 19: Shaved my legs for the first time since Christmas
    It's winter and who cares. AMIRITE ladies
  7. Friday, Feb 20: Take my friend recovering from mumps out to ice cream (also with @Naomi )
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    His mom was an anti-vaxxer in the late 90s so now he looks like a FatBooth version of himself.
  8. Saturday, Feb 21: Early morning work and coffee, panic over how little work I've done all week, then burgers at the farmer's market.