Following the lead of @nc17
  1. Tia Manavis @tiamanavis
    This is my younger sister. Her brain is weird and she's good at math and puzzles and is a fellow expat. Also a great feminist and public policy expert-in-training. Get lists on: numbers, welfare policy, Rubik's cubes, Scottishisms.
  2. Naomi Hoggett @Naomi
    Fellow over-anxious person, organised and extremely punctual. No one can match her good taste and she'll wipe the floor with you on feminist politics. Get lists on: being English, good recipes, new money lifestyle.
  3. Dan Fecher @danfecher
    Pronounced "feh-ker". One of my only leftover high school pals and probably the funniest person I know. He could get famous writing a seriously successful, poignant sitcom, but instead he'll make serious bank being a doctor (he's just that good). Get lists on: pharmaceutical meds, the faults of all humans.