Slightly Niche Internet Memes

  1. Big guy for you
    In the beginning of TDKR you see an Irish actor playing a CIA agent talking to Bane. Bane tells him he is a "big guy for you" Original video// Bane Star (to Smash Mouth's Rockstar)// Requiem for a big guy//
  2. Dolan duk
    This meme is both hard to explain and lives mostly on Facebook. A million of characters have spun off from Dolan, such as 'brak obma' and 'spoderman' Original Dolan// Get political//
  3. MLG anything
    'Major League Gaming' are meme versions of popular videos laced with plenty of niche banter. Starter videos below: MLG guide to the Internet// MLG Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012//
  4. TBC