I live in the UK and I'm from Ohio, so attending the ListApp meet up(s) was always going to be a sweet, sweet pipe-dream. Also, this is more like KOMO (knowledge of missing out) because I know I did.
  1. Denial and Isolation
    Right, so if I don't read any of the lists about the meetup, it's like it didn't happen. LOADS of people don't know this is happening in the world and they're moving on in their lives like healthy happy people, and so can I.
  2. Anger
    Seriously, why the fuck didn't I just happen to be in these places this weekend. I'm not liking any of these lists. Why did I move to this stupid country anyway and why aren't there a significant number of Brits on this fucking app
  3. Bargaining
    If I'd only just asked mom to make this my 21st birthday present, maybe she would have actually paid for me to go. Like that seems fair enough right? There are so many things I could have done to make this happen, why am I such an idiot
  4. Depression
    What's the point, I'm never going to meet these people and I will continue to be the only not cool/famous person on this entire app. Why did I even think I was cool enough to attend the meet up?
  5. Acceptance
    I'm not a wealthy 20 year old and cannot afford quick trips to American coastal cities on a whim. Maybz there will be another when I'm actually state-side. My life will not crumble. All is well. 🙏
  6. ...but seriously I have hardcore KOMO about last night, jealous of all you attendees