Prepare to belly laugh and cry from this 40 minute stint on "Only in Monroe"
  1. Stephen sking Eminem if he's "more street, like Will Smith"
  2. Making Eminem read out the community calendar for Monroe, one which being a Independence Day celebration on July 3rd "Celebrate America's independence from England and celebrate Monroe's independence from celebrating the 4th on the 4th"
  3. Stephen racing one of the hosts in painting nails whilst making the other host pretend to be a stoplight using a green and red sided ping pong paddle
  4. Stephen saying the full name of one of the main hosts every time
  5. Stephen promoting the infant CPR class to "anyone who's a fan of unobstructed breathing"
  6. Stephen pretending to water a plant that is placed in front of the TV
  7. Stephen talking about not drinking the "partially treated" sewage
  8. La-Z-Boy jokes
  9. Seeing Stephen Colbert on TV again
  11. Asking Marshall Mathers if he's "more booty rhymes."
    Suggested by @meigs