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[The Insane] Uk Election Results Explained to Dumb People Like Me

The election results were fucking crazy. There are 650 seats and 326 are needed for a majority in order to have control over the legislature and the PM position. These are the things you should know
  1. 1.
    The Conservative Party won a majority, despite consistently being projected as being 40 seats shy of it. Even the most generous exit polls didn't have them getting a majority, making this a (devastating) shock.
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    Labour got wrecked despite consistently being projected as being only about 20-30 seats behind the Conservatives.
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    Labour got wrecked mostly because of the Scottish National Party (SNP) who took every seat in Scotland bar 2 (one of them being mine, the only Labour seat left in Scotland).
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    The SNP pretend to be a left-wing, progressive party, but they aren't. They were the ones fighting for Scottish Independence the last few years and got a lot of No voters to vote for them by pretending to be left.
    This Economist article helps explain:
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    Labour had its second-in-command lose his seat after holding it for several terms. They had other major losses, mostly to the SNP, including a 20 year old beating out another person in the leadership.
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    Scottish Labour Leader Jim Murphy lost his seat in Glasgow after holding it for 18 years.
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    By 2PM today, 3 major party leaders resigned after the results (Ed Miliband of Labour, Nick Clegg of Liberal Democrats, and Nigel Farage of UKIP). It's expected David Cameron, the re-elected PM of the Conservatives, will step down soon to be replaced by Boris Johnson who, even if you hate the Tories, is a fucking delight (and pretty moderate).
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    A personal note on Scotland: This result is devastating. Nationalism is an awful thing and after the referendum on independence in September I thought that was going to be the end of it for awhile. Now I'm stuck with a terrible party running the country I live in and have several close friends who no longer have jobs because of Labour's losses.
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    A personal note on all of the UK: I don't despise the Tories, but Labour being so far behind them does not look good for moderates or lefties. Plus, this means that the UK will now have a national referendum on leaving the EU, which as an EU citizen (ty Greece), is scary. If they leave, my chances of getting to stay here after graduation get slim.