Most of these will be pics from when I was little because I went through a lot of memorabilia over Christmas and it was adorable. Big mentions for my sister @tiamanavis
  1. This one I sent to @tiamanavis when visiting our mom in October.
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    I am infamously all over my little sister and this picture sort of proves that it's been a thing since day 1. Don't know where it was taken but it's a good representation of our relationship; me smothering her with love, and her being like "okay this was cool for a bit but please get the fuck off me"
  2. This one of when my friend bought me champagne at a dive bar last month.
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    The story here isn't that good (my self made, minted friend bought me champers for doing him a favour), but I like it because this is probably my most out of character picture even though it was still how I genuinely felt.
  3. This stolen one of a friend's facebook of the neighbourhood in Greece where my dad grew up.
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    It's gorgeous and weird and our little shack is only just out of frame. My dad apparently almost choked to death as a toddler right here, and then they built a church on the spot. My yiayia (grandma) was convinced the church was, like, extra holy because of the coincidence. Also love this picture because it shows how much Greece looks more like the Middle East than the Mediterranean.
  4. This letter I wrote to @tiamanavis
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    We made little mailboxes out of shoe boxes and left them outside our rooms and wrote each other notes. I'm pretty sure it was nowhere near my birthday when I wrote her this, but a) I probably wanted an excuse to write a new letter and b) as mentioned in the first picture, I totally loved my little sister.
  5. This questionable quote from my kindergarten "about me" project
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    "Sarah's favorite toy is her beaver." I don't know why any teacher would have actually written this down.
  6. This strip club in Dublin's Christmas decorations
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    My mom lives in Dublin and on a pretty central road, and they have loads of clubs and restaurants in the basements and ground floors. I don't what possessed Leggs to even do Christmas decorations if this was all they were going to do.
  7. This pic I stole off @danfecher 's Instagram back in June when he visited me in Edinburgh on his way back from India
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    The guy asked us if we wanted the castle in the background of our picture.