1. LOL
    A straight to DVD film starring Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus pre-blonde, that features several acronym puns and a lack of a coherent plot line (impressive for simplicity of characters). High point: prominent use of texting, therefore no need to listen to dialogue. Low point: mother-daughter, side-by-side sex scene.
  2. Make It Or Break It
    Originally broadcast on ABC Family, this gymnastics themed show will make you reconsider not going into acting/writing, because apparently anyone can do it. Most interesting feature: a disabled boy who is left on his own for questionable lengths of time. Drinking game: Every time you can accurately predict dialogue happening within the next twenty seconds, take a shot of cyanide.
  3. Picture This
    Another film featuring an ex-Disney star, this film starring Ashley Tisdale is rife with modern day issues of "video phones" and "dads being nosey!" References to Camelot would lead the audience to believe this is based on a classic narrative, but it's not particularly worth looking up.
  4. Tbc upon further poor viewing choices