1. Edinburgh Castle
    Best view in Edinburgh and stunning itself. The Castle juts up out of nowhere in the middle of the city centre and is gothic and gorgeous, and almost 1000 years old. So many things to see from the top and some much to explore in the Castle itself.
  2. Greyfriars Graveyard
    Old graveyard with a very cute story attached about a loyal dog that you can read on the grounds. This is where JK Rowling would stroll when she had writer's block when writing the first Harry Potter books and you can actually find characters' names on the headstones.
  3. Old College
    This is the University of Edinburgh main quad and the oldest part of the almost 600 year old ancient university. It's stunning and quiet and is particularly nice on rainy nights. Loads of cool artefacts have been dug up and found in the quad, so it packs a lot of history as well (as much of Edinburgh does). The statue on top of the Old College dome is Youth carrying the Flame of Englightment.
  4. Calton Hill
    This is a beautiful hill at the end of the main street (Princes Street) that holds several interesting and eclectic monuments (my favourite of which being "Scotland's Disgrace" which was intended to be a replica of the Parthenon, but lost its funding, so now is just a half built, shitty replica). Boasts gorgeous views of the Firth of Forth and the North Sea, as well as the rest of the city.
  5. Royal Mile
    The technical main street in Edinburgh and the last part of Edinburgh's Old Town. It's a gorgeous strip of old buildings and cobbled streets that leads you to the sea in one direction and the Castle in the other. Would highly recommend a particularly good fudge shop towards the sea-leading side.
  6. Princes Street, George Street, Rose Street
    The first three streets in Edinburgh's New Town which have the iconic monuments and shops many people know Edinburgh by. Princes Street is lined with the grounds of the Castle and gardens, George Street is breathtakingly gothic with old banks-turned-pubs and restaurants and bars, and Rose Street is the alley in between that makes for both an adorable stroll by day and a good pub crawl by night.
  7. National Museum
    This is a beautiful building with unique and interesting things on every floor. Favourite bits: The gorgeous main gallery hall, Dolly the Sheep (first ever clone is held in the museum), and the roof terrace which gives you excellent views of Edinburgh from all angles.
  8. Arthur's Seat
    Arthur's Seat is the highest point in all of Edinburgh and is green, lush, and not even too bad of a trek. This extinct volcano is a 30-45 minute hike from bottom to top and is littered with small ponds and wildlife, leading up to a pretty satisfying 360 degree view of everything Edinburgh (and beyond) has to offer.
  9. Scottish Parliament, Holyrood Park, and Holyrood Palace
    The slightly funky building that holds Scotland's Parliament is definitely worth the quick look or a free tour. It's an interesting contrast between even Scotland and English Westminster, and especially the Capitol. Afterwards it's worth strolling around Holyrood Park at the base of Arthur's seat, plus you can see Holyrood Palace, the Queen's residence in Scotland.
  10. (if you can) the Highlands
    The Highlands are unreal and truly like nothing you will ever see or have ever seen. Even if you can't make it that far north, it's worth an hour bus/train/ car journey just to feel pure and genuine awe.
  11. I'm sure I'm forgetting things so will add as I think of more