1. Unlimited access to American media
    Living here has given me a lot of exposure to cool new media that I probably wouldn't have otherwise known about; shows I now love any door. But my laptop is pretty much fucked from using dodgy websites and it's incredibly frustrating not being able to access tv shows you've watched since the age of 12, even when they're on YouTube.
  2. 24 hour opening times
    Nothing is open here past midnight. Maybe I need a toothbrush or shampoo, I cannot get anything like that until the shop opens in the morning. Enjoy my morning breath and greasy hair grocery store worker, because you're getting the full experience tomorrow at 7am.
  3. Delivery pizza
    This goes for almost all fast food which, for some reason, is just way worse and WAY more expensive here. Which leads me to my next point...
  4. The dollar
    Everything is more expensive living on the pound (especially in a major UK city like Edinburgh). Coming from Dayton, Ohio to this is a pretty big blow to the wallet.
  5. Seasons
    And nice weather in general. There is about one month of the year where it will be slightly warm, but you will never have a month where you don't need a jacket almost daily and the rest of the year is just slight variations on 'chilly'
  6. The Oxford comma
    Quite ironic considering Oxford is a UK City (not sure of Oxford comma origins though, could be wrong), but most people here don't use the Oxford comma at all and it's also rarely seen in academic writing. I think the Oxford comma is important and I'm sad at its nonexistence here.
  7. People getting my pop culture references
    Most of the things I grew up with from food, to tv, to just national happenings, most of my friends here will either have no clue about or only limited familiarity with. E.g. a lot of my friends won't know who BJ Novak is.
  8. (Probably a bunch of other things I can't think of but will add as I remember)