Edinburgh is a compact place so you can pack a lot into one day. Here's what I'd do.
  1. Get coffee at Peters Yard
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    The best coffee in Edinburgh and has adorable Swedish pastries and lunch options.
  2. Edinburgh Castle
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    12th century castle with amazing views and interesting history. It's the epicentre of the city.
  3. Greyfriars Graveyard
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    Graveyard with super old graves of famous people. This is where JK Rowling came to kill writers block when she wrote Harry Potter and some of the graves have HP character names.
  4. Holyrood Palace & Scottish Parliament
    They're right across from each other. One is the Queen's residence in Scotland and is old and pretty and one is the ultra modern (slightly bizarre) parliament building. Both a good tour.
  5. Calton Hill
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    A hill that gives you amazing views of the city and is covered in little monuments. You can see out to the sea and the countryside too, a fun bonus.
  6. Dinner at the Gardener's Cottage
    If you can swing it, this is the place to get dinner at the end of your day. It's a 7 course set menu of small plates priced at £35 (not bad considering the amount of food you get) and all the courses are both adorable and tasty. It is literally in an old cottage living room with long wooden tables and old records playing. Seriously a delight.