1. Starbucks sizes.
    I know that this is probably me just seeing things that aren't there, but the grande size seems way bigger than in the US.
  2. Lack of handshaking.
    I am a serial handshaker (have accidentally tried to shake the hand of a four year old), but it is seen far less often in social circles than I've experienced in the states.
  3. Television timing.
    Shows will start on the quarter hour. This seems to just make things more confusing.
  4. Inconsistent measurement systems.
    Are we going to stick to metric or switch it up with a bit of imperial for a laugh? WHO KNOWS.
  5. Card giving.
    People obsessively give cards for pretty much everything. It is sacrilegious to give practically anything (be it a birthday present or potluck dish) without the presence of a card.
  6. Spray tanning.
    If you live in a city, a significant portion of people will have tragically orange spray tans.
  7. Washing dishes like children take baths.
    Because most people don't have dishwashers, the way people wash their dishes is by filling their sink with soap and water and just dumping their dishes in. This to me seems inefficient.
  8. TBC