At UK student unions, the Prez gets paid, like, a lot to take a year out from their degree to run the association. The campaign is 7 days of hell and I've chosen to run one. Here's what happens:
  1. You will, inevitably, hate the candidate
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    This is us back in December. Happy friends right? They all become divas and the bridezilla effect occurs en masse. The sound of his voice makes my brain hurt at this point.
  2. Your body will hurt.
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    You run around getting bullshit things like cardboard and spray glue and zip ties and white boards and a million sheets of paper. My butt hurts from the full body effort of cutting cardboard down to a poster sized template.
  3. The inevitable adrenaline rush occurs.
    Pre campaign you're dreading the long days, no sleep, and perpetual stress. Then the campaigning period begins and you're like FUCK GUYS LETS DO THIS
  4. You lose sense of everything.
    I worked for 15 hours on Friday on a student union election and am on one meal a day because I keep forgetting to eat. Why am I doing this?
  5. You bother everyone around you.
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    My poor mother has had to deal with me moaning every goddam day. EUSA = Edinburgh University Students' Association
  6. You forget it doesn't matter.
    This is a student union election. This is a student union election. This is a student union election.
  7. You cry. A lot.