Updates on my uneventful life.
  1. Starting to figure out my dissertation topic for my 4th year.
    At all British universities, 1/6 of your degree is a 10,000 word dissertation, which seems like too few words to have that much weight.
  2. Applying for summer internships because this is what I'm supposed to do.
    Hi, ListAppers, willing labourer happy to do anything right here 👋
  3. Being stressed about not getting anything good this summer.
    Standard millennial problems.
  4. Figuring out where to travel to in May.
    Open to suggestions, looking at Lisbon and the Turkish coast at the moment.
  5. Podcast writing with a friend.
    Whether or not this actually comes to fruition is not yet clear.
  6. Literally just going through the (fairly monotonous) throes of life