Edinburgh has the highest number of bars & restaurants per capita in the entire UK. Here are my faves.
  1. Breakfast: Project Coffee
    If you want a proper Scottish breakfast, this is your place. It's a little out of the way in Bruntsfield, but it's a good excuse to take a walk across the worlds oldest golf course (The Bruntsfield Links)
  2. Breakfast: Urban Angel
    Urban Angel is in the New Town and has high end, modern twists on classic breakfasts. Everything is fresh and the quality is high. Plus, it's adorable on the inside.
  3. Breakfast: The Pantry
    The Pantry is great if you want a coffee and something wholesome, and is a good excuse to go to Stockbridge. If you want great coffee with your breakfast, this is the place.
  4. Lunch: Outsider
    Outsider is my favourite lunch and Edinburgh and boasts a pretty spectacular view of the castle. At dinner the prices go up by £15 but you get the exact same plates. You can get a meal, with a starter, for under £10 easily and you will fucking love it.
  5. Lunch: Ting Thai Caravan
    Ting Thai is great for a casual lunch. It's ingredients are really fresh and the flavours are strong. Like Outsider, you can get happily stuffed for under £10.
  6. Lunch: Henderson's
    Henderson's is a vegetarian restaurant that packs a fucking punch and makes you forget that meat even exists. They have amazing curries, risotto and lasagna, and it's located on Thistle Street, a tiny little alley in New Town that will make you die over how 16th century it looks.
  7. Dinner: Chaophraya
    Chaophraya is actually a UK chain but it is a) tasty and more importantly b) has rooftop balcony seating where you can see across all of Edinburgh as well as over the sea. Thai/East Asian food with a good wine list.
  8. Dinner: Under The Stairs
    Situated (literally) under some stairs, Under the Stairs is a cozy, rustic restaurant that boasts high end comfort food and an excellent bar. It looks like you're in an old mansion's cellar and I've never had a bad review from anyone I've taken there. It's also a good place to go if you just want to have small plates/antipasti and their cocktail list is great if you just want drinks and bar snacks.
  9. Dinner: Gardener's Cottage
    I think I've mentioned Gardener's Cottage in a couple of lists, but seriously, a meal here is an experience. 7 small courses inside a literal cottage with old records playing and an excellent set of wine flights of you feel so inclined. This one can be tough to book, especially in August, so plan ahead.