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  1. Dinner
    French fries, baguettes, vodka
  2. Breakfast
    Biscuits, griddled potatoes, grits
  3. Lunch
    Chips, slices of bread, Goldfish crackers
  1. Lay's Classic
    Best for: Stress of any kind
  2. Ruffles Original
    Best for: Stress of any kind
  3. Doritos — Nacho Cheese
    Best for: Stress related to sports
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We got an 11-week old Doberman yesterday and it is already a wild ride
  1. He does want to play outside ALL DAY
  2. He does want to eat the grass
  3. He does want to taste every plant in the backyard
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  1. A golfer
  2. A person who uses a lot of incense
  3. White tennis shoes that are kinda dirty and worn with white socks
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  1. Right arm
    Form was so solid. Maybe too solid. I am cramping.
  2. Balls of my feet
    For the love of god why did I go barefoot
  3. Top of ass
    The jump kicking thing looked awesome but was too much
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  1. Eyes
    Gateway to the soul, or whatever
  2. Brain
    My ride or die
  3. Ears
    Rumored to have bionic ears, right here.
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Glad we got these out of our system now let's plz move on!
  1. 1.
    Hello -- Adele
  2. 2.
    Sorry -- Justin Bieber
  3. 3.
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Honestly I just don't want to forget this shit...
  1. 12.
    Side step to move up the mountain (also generally exhausting)
  2. 11.
    Stand perpendicular to the slope to prevent unwanted downhill motion
  3. 10.
    When trying ti get godforsaken skis off, remove downhill ski first
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A subset.
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
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The magic of it all ✨✨🎄✨✨
  1. When we arrived at the airport, we were given a bonus parking upgrade worth $70! I'm not even listing this sarcastically, this was legitimately cool.
  2. After finally acquiring two cups of mediocre Starbucks coffee, I was knocked into by a distracted traveler and hot black coffee spilled all over my sweater. But by the miracle of Christmas, I did not incur 3rd degree burns. In fact, no burns of any degree. Merry Christmas!
  3. We are in the very last row of the plane, immediately next to the toilet. But it's the time of day where most people are only doing #1. Could be worse -- tis the season!
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