The magic of it all ✨✨🎄✨✨
  1. When we arrived at the airport, we were given a bonus parking upgrade worth $70! I'm not even listing this sarcastically, this was legitimately cool.
  2. After finally acquiring two cups of mediocre Starbucks coffee, I was knocked into by a distracted traveler and hot black coffee spilled all over my sweater. But by the miracle of Christmas, I did not incur 3rd degree burns. In fact, no burns of any degree. Merry Christmas!
  3. We are in the very last row of the plane, immediately next to the toilet. But it's the time of day where most people are only doing #1. Could be worse -- tis the season!
  4. Flight attendant has had an excessive amount of plastic surgery. Emotions seem physically painful to express. And yet she still manages a Christmas smile.
  5. There was a screaming child immediately in front of me, screaming shrill screams. And then a kind soul offered -- OFFERED -- to switch seats with the child + parent, in order to allow them to sit all the way at the front of the plane with the rest of their family. Christmas spirit 101.
  6. It is snowing! My very first White Christmas. This means we are delayed because the plane must be de-iced. So we are sitting at the gate for 120 minutes, awaiting our turn. As a result, we can use our electronic devices longer than anticipated! Ho ho ho.
  7. Seat neighbor is furious about delay but has not yet progressed to murderous rage and thus allows me to type this list. MAGICAL ✨
  8. Seat neighbor had a legitimate panic attack on takeoff due to extreme turbulence. But then he slammed a Jack & Coke and kissed the cross around his neck several times, and then he was cool. I almost offered to hold his hand as a gesture of goodwill towards mankind, but abstained when I realized he shaves his arm. #scrooge