1. Girl in food court with ponytail and Pinkberry and legal pad covered in scribbles that is undoubtedly her first screenplay
    UPDATE: Her Mom just called and she is literally answering questions about different roles for people in movies. Apparently her current gig pays $50 but connects her to 2 Oscar winners.
  2. GolfDad™
  3. Guy at Gordon Biersch Brewing Co reading a Russian novel at the bar like he has nowhere else to be but here and would hang out here even if he wasn't flying somewhere
  4. "How *does* this fedora look on me?"
  5. Guy on hoverboard with Beats headphones who tries to ride escalator, falls off, drops the Beats and then is promptly stopped by police at the bottom
  6. Octogenarian manning information booth; booth decorated with Christmas stockings.