How fantastic is @infamelia ? Let me count the ways.
  1. F
    is for the way she never FUCKING answers her phone when I call
  2. A
    is for the way she ALWAYS seems to be driving to get In n Out
  3. N
    is for the way she NEVER forgets to condescendingly mock me for eating vegetables
  4. T
    is for the way sends cliffhanger TEXTS in the middle of my workday and then when I call her repeatedly out of concern for her welfare, answers the phone like, "What?!"
  5. A
    is for the way she ANSWERS her phone while driving and then proceeds to talk while the phone is in her lap as though I can understand anything she is saying
  6. S
    is for the way she STALLED in joining List App
  7. T
    is for the way she has excellent TASTE in housemates, by which I mean to say HOW ON EARTH DID YOU FIND SO MANY CERTIFIABLY INSANE PEOPLE AND GET THEM ALL ON ONE LEASE??? I guess T is also for TALENT, because that's what that is.
  8. I
    is for the way she actually does really legit IMPRESSIONS of people. And In n Out. Seriously stop with the In n Out, Amy -- I'd like to see you live into your 80s.
  9. C
    is for COMPUTOR