We got an 11-week old Doberman yesterday and it is already a wild ride
  1. He does want to play outside ALL DAY
  2. He does want to eat the grass
  3. He does want to taste every plant in the backyard
  4. He does not want to do any of those things by leash!
    As if!
  5. He does not want to be touched from above
    Side pets only, please
  6. He does not want you to leave the room
  7. But when you come back to the room and open up the door to his crate after he has been crying for EVER, he does not want to get out of the crate!
  8. He does just want you to BE IN HIS LINE OF SIGHT
  9. He does want to sleep
  10. He does not want to feel like he has to be super clear about whether he is about to poop or is just excitedly exploring that particular area
  11. He does not want his collar on
  12. He does want his collar on
  13. Pic for good measure
    He hated his duck toy, at first, now they are inseparable