i <3 college.... but some of the ppl just suck
  1. the guy that's always trying to give you his sound cloud link. he's really friendly but there's always loud edm music wafting under his door:/ he also makes sure u kno he smokes weed within 5 minutes of talking and then tells u he thinks he might b the next Socrates.
  2. the jocks. I don't have much to say about them. they play sports. they arrive at the dining halls in groups. they have a lot of muscles. they're fine.
  3. the really nice nerdy guy who wants to talk to u about anime but will listen to u talk about whatever forever because he has a heart of gold. u kind of just want to cri on his shoulder and giv him a high5 for being such a stand up guy.
  4. the architecture students. they r the ppl that u rlly want to b but probably won't ever b even remotely as good. they smoke a lot of cigarettes and wear nice shoes and go to a lot of underground shows and r so nice but kind of stick to their own.
  5. the um how did u get in here ppl
  6. the people like me!!!!!! silently observing everyone and having no friends lol byyyeeeee