1. McDonalds: 4/10
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    It is a little tough to take care of business when you have Ronald McDonald staring at you....What was he doing in the girls bathroom anyway? Cleanliness: +4 points. No paper towels: -20 points. Kind of smells like the Hamburglar took a massive shit right before I walked in: -5. OVERALL: 4/10
  2. Taco Bell: 2/10
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    The industrial-strength Febreeze is weak compared to the stench of the taco soup that comes out of your asshole after eating at this establishment. One-Ply toilet paper: -100 points. Terrible smell: -200 points. Only one stall: -10. OVERALL: 2/10. Just wait until you get home.
  3. Wendy's: 3/10
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    The bathrooms at Wendy's are almost as shitty as the food they serve. After eating your "healthy" Apple-Chicken salad, make sure NOT to make a stop at the bathroom. Although the bathrooms are clean, they are equipped with out-dated toilets that will most likely get clogged and weak-ass hand dryers that leave you thinking that you would've been better off just not washing your hands. OVERALL SCORE: 3/10
  4. Arby's: 5/10
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    This is pretty much as good as any fast food bathroom can get. The only issue is that there are no stalls so you have to awkwardly wait outside the door while the person in front of you in line shits. There is also a high chance that you will accidentally get walked in on because the door lock is broken. OVERALL SCORE: 5/10