1. I made a Jared Fogle sock puppet
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  2. My mom made fajitas and I ate 4 of them
  3. I spent 20 minutes looking up pictures of young Steve Martin
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  4. I made this masterpiece
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  5. I online shopped for socks
  6. I watched the iCarly theme song 5 times
  7. Organized my stamp collection
  8. Looked through "relatable" friends quotes on Pinterest
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  9. Made a google plus account
  10. Tried on my shark costume
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  11. Practiced my shakira impression
  12. Worked on my "Sexy Donald Trump" Halloween costume
  13. Cried bc KC royals lost to the Blue Jays
  14. Tried to think of a funny diss to tweet about the Blue Jays, failed miserably, cried more
  15. Wondered what kind of situation would warrant the use of this 🃏 emoji